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    A Rational Plan for the Tenderloin


    Noticing a number of skilled yet unemployed residents living in areas facing economic decline, San Francisco’s Tenderloin has been plagued by social and cultural conditioning do to its association with social disobedience. The communities lack in positive promotion has hindered its ability to attract visitors to the neighborhood, while possessing the potential in providing community and economic incentives.


    The Neighborhood Trust teaches revitalization solutions to San Francisco’s Tenderloin community, promoting positive identity through the use of murals and public participation. Transforming public space into beautiful works of art, murals reinforce community pride, by promoting local identity, and giving voice to thoughs who otherwise might go unnoticed. Often associated with the arts, mural cities have the potential to attract tourism, and provide added economic incentives that enable residents the ability to cultivate their own self-sustaining neighborhoods.

    Using Community Economic Development (CED) strategies to guide the projects research of local history, attitude, and project implementation, the Neighborhood Trust has created a positive brand identity representing the Tenderloin community. Used as a catalyst, murals promote the attitude of the neighborhood while designed as a resource for future revitalization projects aimed at empowering local residents with employable skills while providing a product line of tools needed to nurture strong community development with alternative solutions.


    With a newly developed Tenderloin brand the project comes equipped with brand guidelines contained within the projects process book, a how-to-guide to murals, a painters activist kit and a web-site, used as an information resource and location to keep track of ongoing trends, allowing for future growth.