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    Local action in action.


    The problem was to define a brand that was dead, dying, or defunct and revitalize it without diverting from the brands origins.

    Questions addressed were: How do you take a brand like Spalding to the next level? How do you define them as dead, dying or defunct? What aspects of the brand are building blocks for the new direction? What does this look like? How does it function?


    Take Spalding’s founding principle of sharing the love of sports, and build an edgier brand experience that focusses on connecting communities to a more active lifestyle. Defining the brands future trajectory, Spalding becomes an aggregate connecting the public to sports through organized groups, recreation and news. Creating a brand that exist in both the digital and physical world, Spalding offers new products in technology with an online forum and smart phone application, were people can meet and organize events while sourcing the companies list of products for sale. Utilizing the companies reputation as the most trusted name in sports, Spalding opens a satellite radio station that reports on sports news and other related activities, while at the same time engaging the public through guerrilla marketing tactics and a brick and mortar store.


    A brand manual, laid out brand structure and visual guidelines, along with a business identity system, website, phone application, and other brand extensions.