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    Champion of the underdog.


    Find a common thread that runs through Robert Rodriguez films. Then develop it into a brand system for a mock film festival.

    Questions addressed were: What is the common thread in Robert Rodriguez films? How can that common thread be made visual while integrated throughout the festival? What does this system reflect and where does the festival take place?


    The common thread was identified as Caballero, a Spanish word meaning knight. Often standing up for societies underrepresented in both his film narratives as well as in life, Robert Rodriguez’s upbringing as a Hispanic American has influenced his work, having witnessed the struggle many minorities have when pursuing a life in the United States. Helping many Latino actors and actresses find their place in Hollywood where they might have otherwise been over looked, he often depicts a starving artist who’s innocence has been lost only to be avenged by a lone soldier, or saint.

    Choosing a rough look and feel for the festival, reflects the films subject matter, while remaining true to the brand system created around the theme Caballero. Often using border town settings in his films, provided insight in the determination of Juaréz Mexico as the film festivals location. Known for producing big movies on a shoestring budget, hand crafted typography was developed for the festivals logo along with other hand created details maintaining the festivals overall look and feel.


    Artifacts Included deliverables are: a festival catalog, poster with tube casing, business system, tickets, schedule, a map, advertisements, dvd’s with packaging and limited edition festival products.