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    Natural land mines.


    The problem was to research Rocky Mountain Natural Gas and its effect on the environment and publics safety. Developing research from both primary and secondary sources, an event was to be held accompanied with print materials facilitating higher learning outcomes, and culminated into a final 6 x 9 inch book.

    Questions addressed were: What about natural gas is unsafe? How might natural gas effect the environment and communities safety? Why is it a problem? What might be the solution?


    Identifying consumption trends and natural gas production methods as the primary issue, print and digital solution aimed at informing public awareness were conceptualized. Through the development of posters, T-shirts and stickers, news pamphlet and mailers along with a social media applications, were designed to inform, and inspire consumer change, resulting in a safer more sustainable future.


    With a newly developed Tenderloin brand the project comes equipped with brand guidelines contained within the projects process book, a how-to-guide to murals, a painters activist kit and a web-site, used as an information resource and location to keep track of ongoing trends, allowing for future growth.