• Stern Grove Music Festival
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  • Stern grove postcard fronts.
    Stern grove postcard fronts.
    Stern grove postcard backs.
    Stern grove postcard backs.
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    Music in the Grove


    Create three mailers that work together as a group promoting and capturing the spirit of the Stern Grove Music Festival through the use of engaging hierarchy, layout and text.

    Questions addressed were: What is the Stern Grove Music Festival? What makes it unique? How do these mailers reflect the music festivals likeness? How can these trends be carried through visually while remaining cohesive as a group?


    Solution The Stern Grove Music Festival was identified as a free music series which takes place every summer in San Francisco’s Sunset District Park. Surrounded by redwood tree’s, the park is centered around an amphitheater which provides an oasis within the confines of the city. Attracting weekend warriors visiting from out of town and local residents alike the festival provides day entertainment where patrons can relax, picnic and enjoy the music.

    The cards have been designed to be bright and airy representing the feel of summer. Controlling the type with hierarchy and arranged in a lock-up, creating an interesting layout against a paper bag texture, provides the audience with information that is easily accessible while presenting the look and feel of a daytime event.


    Included deliverables are: Three 6”x 9” mailers